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Looking to simplify care of your skin without sacrificing effectiveness, our treatment system works for all skin types and many skin challenges.

STRONG SKIN SAVVY MIST is the first step.  A spritz of MIST hydrates, keeps the skin's acidic pH and gives herbal help.

STRONG SKIN SAVVY CREAM is applied over the MIST to seal, soften, protect and start the healing process.

STRONG LIP SAVVY softly protects delicate lip skin.

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STRONG SKIN SAVVY MIST and CREAMS combine with softening, protecting, and moisturizing results as well as maintaining an acidic pH.  Use face to feet. STRONG LIP SAVVY in a lip tube also protects sensitive lip skin.

We are a micro-manufacturer in Lancaster county, PA, committed to giving you personal service.  Contact us and you speak to someone actively involved in the business.

Our products contain high-quality ingredients and we strive to keep prices affordable.  

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"I don't know what I did before I had SKIN SAVVY as a care system.  SKIN SAVVY is part of my daily care, both personally and professionally." Dorothy Goodman RN, BSN, CWOCN Certified ET Nurse Annandale, VA

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